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Oxygen Bar Benefits


The total oxygen concentration in the human body is about 60% of the total body weight. This value may vary strongly, because it is mainly present in water molecules. (thus the importance of drinking enough water.) When we don't get enough Oxygen our health can suffer.


New Life Spa wellness center uses an Oxygen concentrator to deliver a greater percentage of oxygen to you. Clients simply choose an essential oil they prefer and it is applied to the nasal cannula. The cannula is then placed in the nose and attached to the oxygen concentrator for anywhere between 15-60 minutes. A pulse oximeter is placed on your finger and you can watch your oxygen concentration in your body go UP.

While receiving oxygen you will also have the choice of sitting in a Zero Gravity Massage chair or a Shiatsu Massage Chair. 


When that happens, your lungs can't release oxygen into your blood. In turn, your organs can't get enough oxygen-rich blood to function. ... Respiratory failure happens when the capillaries, or tiny blood vessels, surrounding your air sacs can't properly exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen. Health issues then start to arise as cells start to die.

Oxygen has been known to increase circulation, speed up metabolism, promote healing, increasing performance, endurance and energy level. Combined with a high-grade essential oil of your choice, an oxygen aromatherapy session uses the natural essences extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots and other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being.

Pick a scent to relax you, help you breathe better, or just for fun.

$12 for 15 min

$15 for 20 min

$20 for 30 min


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