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New Life Spa Wellness Center

New Life Spa is a unique Spa that provides therapeutic products and services for your health and healing. Our goal is to help you find the place of balance that includes your Spiritual, Physical & Mental well-being. We are here to help you regain your health so that your body will have the greatest chance to heal itself as God designed it to do.

With a focus on: Pain Management * Detoxification * Stress Management * Passive Fitness * Improved Immune System * Improved Overall Health * Nutrition Counseling

About the owner: The Spa is owned and operated by Deborah Stauss of Grove, OK. Deborah is a Naturopathic Dr, Master Herbalist and Licensed Massage Therapist. She was born and raised in Oregon where she had exposure to alternative health and healing at a young age. She watched as her grandmother turned to herbs, proper diet and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar after suffering from a heart attack. Her grandmother lived a very productive life into her 90's, without medication. This was just the beginning of a path that would lead her to Natural health and her Naturopathic degree. Deborah was convinced alternative medicine was a choice she wanted to make for herself and her family. She began using alternative medicine for her sons ailments; ear infections, poison oak/ivy, and just about anything else that came their way.

Then in 1998 Deborah was diagnosed with Graves Disease. After a few months on medication her hair began falling out and she decided to take her health into her own hands. With the help of Master Herbalist Truman Burst she began an herbal detox treatment that brought healing to her thyroid and immune system within 30 days. Deborah has been free of the disease ever since and still recommends this same detox to clients today. Deborah gives all her thanks to God for leading her in a direction that would bring her body healing, and for His healing power ... He is, after all, the One who created our bodies to heal themselves, and proper food to nourish it. Deborah also discovered Colloidal Silver, which she uses as an antibiotic / anti-fungal / anti-parasitic / anti-viral aid. Due to her body’s inability to methylate medications for processing and her allergies to antibiotics, Colloidal Silver has been very important in helping her stay healthy.

Deborah and her husband Randy moved their family to Grove, OK in 2005. It was here they finished raising their sons and let them experience life in the country on a small farm among friendly neighbors. Deborah continued seeking new ways to care for her family with alternative medicine. In 2009 Deborah began studying through Trinity College of Natural Health and in 2012 she earned her Doctor of Naturopathy. Over the course of the next three years Deborah began sharing her knowledge with others, and in 2015 Deborah retired from dentistry to open her own business “New Life Spa” as a Natural Health Professional.

"I look forward to sharing the knowledge I have gained over the years by helping others take control of their health, find a way to live pain free, take their health back into their own hands and help them feel as though they have gained a NEW LIFE."

        Deborah Stauss, ND, LMT, MH