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I will also be offering classes on "Self Sustainability." Classes will include but not limited to:
(please send me your email address and contact information if you want to be included in news about classes available. deborah@newlifespa.com )
  • Probiotics: Yogurt, Kefir and Kombucha making
  • Lacto-fermentation
  • "No Till" Garden Method
  • How to preserve your Herbs, Make your own Tinctures, Teas and Salves.
  • How to make Colloidal Silver - (your own personal antibiotic, anti-fungal & anti-parasitic)
  • Soap making - the old fashioned way
  • Making your own home detergents and cleaners
  • Essential Oils - how to use them and why?
  • How to Detox and Why?

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