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Fees and Hours of Operation


Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm, CLOSED Saturday & Sunday

      Non-members can enjoy the spa at a daily rate of $45.

  • This includes all therapy rooms:

    Hands on therapies are not included but you are welcome to schedule any other therapy or consultation at cost.

    Appointments are NOT NEEDED for a daily visitor UNLESS you want to schedule an added therapy such as massage, cranial sacral therapy, nutrition consultation, raindrop technique or aroma therapy.

  • Monthly Membership: $99 and up

  • HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy): $100 per hour 
  • Ozone Sauna Therapy: $100 per hour (other ozone modalities also available)

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    New Life Spa Wellness Center
    2086 S.  Main
    Grove, OK 74344
    (918) 948-2758


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