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Medical Disclaimer

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We encourage you to do independent research of these technologies. Please understand that the information at this website including the science pages, doctor’s letters and the testimonials from our customers are not meant to imply that you will receive similar or identical results. The devices we offer are not  FDA approved medical devices. This statement has not been evaluated by FDA and the product is not intended to “diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease”.

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My passion for sharing these products with my customers comes from wanting to offer people an alternative to living a life on medications to alleviate pain and to help those who have not been able to find relief through medication.

The products and services that we offer at New Life Spa are meant to offer just that. An alternative option for those seeking relief from pain and hoping to help their bodies get back on track to heal themselves.  I have empathy for my customers who travel this road and it is a pleasure and a privilege to share what I have learned in an effort to help them.

The critical letters in “Wellness” are “WE”.  Join with New Life Spa in building a sense of community and health. 

~ Deborah Stauss, ND