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Nutrition and The Role it plays in your Optimal Health

Nutrition Counseling and Dietary Changes:


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Our bodies are incredibly smart. We have trillions of cells intricately and automatically coordinating their activities so we can go on with our lives without having to worry about our health. But when we introduce bad foods to our bodies, we start to destroy this finely tuned masterpiece, balance is lost and the preconditions for disease satin.  Our bodies are extremely forgiving of bad habits -  but only up to a point - and when they have had enough, we’ll get a wakeup call. The wonderful thing is that God created our bodies to heal themselves if given what they need to regenerate with healthy cells.

Your body mostly replaces itself every 7 to 15 years. Some bits are never replaced. Others like the lining of your stomach and intestines are renewed much faster. Due to the constant wear and tear from the process of digestion, these cells have an average lifespan of just five days.

Imagine what can happen if you give your body the nutrients it needs to build healthy new cells.

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New Life Spa will work with you to help you understand the importance of good nutrition, what good nutrition is and the role if plays in your Optimal Health. With good nutrition one can also bring their body into a good pH balance and create a better environment for oxygen to flow. A good diet also means a better attitude and more energy. As we age we find that we have depleted our "reserves" and find ourselves suddenly having arthritis, osteoporosis, allergies and other health problems. Finding a way to build those  reserves back is very important and therefore we recommend a very high quality vitamin supplement, pro-biotic, and digestive enzymes. 

For those who have cancer, want to prevent cancer or need help with other disease issues we recommend a pH lowering diet and juicing along with other lifestyle changes and supplements. We believe "Keeping it Simple" will help you keep it up ! 

We believe almost all disease can be cured if you give your body what it needs. That means not only proper Nutrition but also:

  • Have a Positive Attitude / Laughter !!! / Good Spiritual State
  • Exercise Daily
  • Drink Pure Water
  • Ample Sleep
  • Breath Clean Air
  • Get Outdoors
  • Give yourself EMF protection


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