Importance of EMF Protection

Importance of EMF Protection

Almost Everyone is Exposed to Man-made EMFs 

(EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field. An EMF is an invisible field created by all electric, magnetic and wireless fields of energy. EMFs occur two different ways; Naturally and Man-Made.)

Mankind is now permanently connected to a world that is increasingly saturated with distorted chaotic energetic wave impulses from telecommunication towers, electric grids, computers, cellular & cordless phones, Wi-Fi, fluorescent lighting, microwaves, etc. Our “New Technological Age” is creating significant discord and chaos in Human Cellular Function and Energy Fields. This translates into all forms of discomfort, stress, weakened immune function, mineral and enzyme loss, poor brain function, sleep disorders, and cancers. (Also known as Dirty Electricity or Electromagnetic Radiation)

“There is no question EMFs have a major effect on neurological functioning. They slow our brain waves and affect our long-term mental clarity. We should minimize exposures as much as possible to optimize neurotransmitter levels and prevent deterioration of health” Eric Braverman, MD

Safe Connect Plus+® Technology and Products work by creating a subtle energy field that carries vital information of health and wellness to positively impact and harmonize not only the Human Biofield, but also any damaging and chaotic fields of energy to which you are exposed as a result of man made electromagnetic fields.
This proprietary subtle field of energy has been formulated using over 230+ resonating frequencies that help bring the human body into a more balanced state of homeostasis on a cellular level. This formula of resonating frequencies is embedded and encoded into each Safe Connect Plus+® product through an advanced electronic encoding system using very specific sound and light waves and nano-crystalline technology. Our products permanently vibrate with this field of information. They harmonize and reformat all harmful, chaotic wireless and electrical offenders into fields of energy that become beneficial to you and your pets; balancing and strengthening your body, mind, and emotions.

Safe Connect Plus+® products do not absorb wireless and electrical radiation, but instead, they transform it by reformatting the damaging, chaotic fields of energy into a field of energy that provides beneficial support for our entire being; mind, body and emotions. Our proprietary blend of resonating frequencies enhance overall health and well being by resonating support and balance for glands, organs, circulation, skeletal and muscular functions, and emotions, just to mention a few!




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