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Simple Trick to Reduce Swelling

Reduce Swelling Naturally

You do not to have to put up with the suffering anymore. Discover a remarkable remedy that targets the cause, not just masks the pain and reduces swelling.

Are you sick, in pain and taking handfuls of pills that don't seem to be working?

Are you suffering from swelling in your ankles, feet, fingers, arms or neck?

Have you developed lymph-edema after breast cancer surgery?

Are you in agony with PMS bloating?

Are injuries not healing fast?

Is all you really want to know is, what is the matter with you and how to fix it?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then consider this article a God-send.

Why? Because you are about to learn the cause of your swelling and how to speed up your healing.

What's more, is that you will be surprised how an amazingly simple it was to restore your health and vitality. Your body was designed by God to heal itself, sometimes it just needs a little help.

Help that is pleasant, easy and inexpensive is available.

Your lymphatic system

is a intricate network of tubes and organs to transport lymph from tissue back to the bloodstream. The main goals of lymphatic system are to fight infections, manage the liquid levels in your body, provide a way for cells to eliminate waste and absorb fats.

Lymph is like the sewer system in your house. Although lymph is clear, it is full of toxins, and wastes that you do not want backing up in your body.

There is 3 times as much lymph fluid in the body than blood.
When there is a disruption along this system, up to 2.6 quarts,a day, of fluid can be retained. This fluid is carrying toxic waste, excess fat, protein and anything else the body wants to get rid, of just stops and and causes swelling, pain and complicates healing.
The most common diseases of the lymphatic system are enlargement of the lymph nodes (also known as lymphadenopathy), swelling due to lymph node blockage (also known as lymphedema) and cancers involving the lymphatic system, according to Dr. James Hamrick, chief of medical oncology and hematology at Kaiser Permanente in Atlanta.”

When cancer metastasizes and spreads to other parts of the body, the lymphatic system usually provides the highway. Cells break off of the primary tumor and travel throughout the body spreading the cancer. Scientific studies indicate that the cancer cells disguise themselves as white blood cells to trick the lymphatic system to let them in. Researchers suggest that inflammation might have a big role in spreading the cancer as an inflammation protein, called TGF-beta have been found on these traveling cells. Swollen lymph nodes can be the first symptom of metastasis of the breast cancer.

A body has up to 1,000 lymph nodes around your body. Many paths lead into the Lymph nodes but only one way out. This allows the lymph to slow the fluid down to allow the cleaning process to work.

Normally the lymph system works at 10% capacity, but can expand to carry extra lymph fluid if the body needs the extra fluid to fight infections, and injuries.

However, there are many reasons the system can be overwhelmed.

These include:

*  If your stomach presses on your upper thighs while you are sitting all day at your desk, the flow through the inguinal nodes is stopped. Swelling can occur in the lower legs and commonly seen in pregnancy and obesity.

*  If your diet is high in fat, these bad fats can block the lymph flow.

*  If you have had surgery or trauma, the lymphatic system is working over time to repair and heal the area. Excess poisons can dilates the blood capillaries allowing more poisons in faster than the lymphatic system can remove them.

According to the website: feel good factor, the following are symptoms of lymph system failure.

Head Area

* Sinus Headaches

* Inflamed sinuses /Sinusitis

* Swollen puffy eyes, face and neck

* Re-occurring Ear or Throat Infections

* Continuous swollen Lymph Nodes in neck by ears, jaw,         throat, tonsils

Chest Area

* Wheezing without exercise

* Continuous cough (non smoker)

* Mucous or Phlegm or Catarrh that will not clear

* Dull pain in lower right chest at bottom of ribs - liver area (diabetes risk)

* Swollen Painful Breasts, tender armpit area

* Mastitis

* Painful blocked ducts in breasts

* Painful PMS symptoms, mood swings, depression, swollen abdomen, sever fluid                  retention during PMT

* Swollen puffy hands and fingers (especially post cancer)

* You have had lymph nodes removed and you feel an aching/sore wrist, heavy                        feeling in your arm, clothes feel tight around upper arm, fingers not bending                          properly, watch tight, rings feel restrictive 

Lower Body

* Puffy swollen ankles and lower legs painful to touch

* Puffy swelling on feet, top of feet

* Continuous joint ache, feels inside shoulders, hips,              knees

* Lipedema - Disproportionate hips to waist ratio - unable     to reduce size of thighs, texture of thighs feel different.

Additional Symptoms

* Re-occurring Cellulitis

* Post Glandular Fever; lethargy

* Painful joints

* Insomnia; depression

* Swollen skin relating to painful inflamed eczema

* Unable to lose weight

* Extreme lethargy, no energy for no reason

If you need to reduce Lymph fluid, inflammation, and feel better, a massage especially for lymphatic system will provide the fastest relief. The fact is the simple trick of applying gentle rotating pressure can reduce swelling. Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) massage uses special directional movements to help the body help itself move the lymph fluid. Gentle pressure and rhythmic circular movements of the massage encourages the natural drainage of the lymph. 
Manual Lymphatic drainage was discovered in the 1930's by Danish Drs Emil and Estrid Vodder. They were working in the French Rivera treating patients with chronic sinusitis and other immune disorders. Noticing that all of the patients had swollen lymph nodes, they began to research the lymph system. By 1936 they began to teach other practitioners to use this massage technique.

Are you feelings sluggish, have puffy eyes or maybe a gentle ache right under the ribs? Your liver could be swelling with toxins. MLD can also revitalize and detox the liver. Keeping your liver detoxed can help you avoid diabetes. It is also possible that the reason you can not lose weight is that your liver is not doing the job it needs to do.

The lymph system requires physical movement for it to work properly. If you are feeling bad it is hard to exercise. To get to feeling better, you can get a MLD massage to physically move the lymph along. Feel better, more energized, and heal faster with a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage at New Life Spa.

written by: Donna Crabtree


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