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Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2


This is how we make a difference in the world,” says Joe Cross.
“One person and one juice at a time.” The Australian Cross started with himself in the original 2010 documentary, which chronicled his transition to health — and a healthy weight — thanks to a strict adherence to juicing fruits and vegetables, and  a road trip across
the US singing the praises of his regimen.

This genial but lite follow-up, directed again by Kurt Engfehr, amounts to a victory lap, in which the now-trim and healthy Cross hits the road once more to spread the word about juicing and visit a few familiar faces from the first film.

Some have made surprising changes, like Terry, a gun shop owner who disdained the idea of healthy eating in the original movie. After seeing himself on the big screen that way, he did a 180 and embraced Joe’s diet plan, losing a substantial amount of weight and becoming able to be a bone marrow donor for his ailing brother. Others, like Phil the truck driver, have fared less well — in the intervening years, he’s slid back into his old habits and put most of the weight back on.

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