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4 Ways To Treat Peri-Menopause Naturally

Treat Peri-Menopause Naturally

A little boy asked his dad “What is menopause?” and dad replied “Son it just means that dragons are real.”

Maybe you laughed, maybe you did not, but we can all agree that Suffering with peri-menopause symptoms is not funny. There is not a cure, as menopause is a natural part of aging, but for some the symptoms can be horrific. Even so, they can be managed naturally without prescriptions. 

Everyone’s body is different.

The symptoms and severity can range from mild to horrific. Most common symptoms include:

Embrace this time of your life, as studies show that you are happier, wiser and have more sex as you age. That is, if you make it through these symptoms without killing anyone. Just kidding of course, but peri-menopause symptoms can be tough to handle.

Confusion and worry about what is happening to you, and what to do about these changes in your body is normal. Mounting evidence of the negative effects of replacement hormones (including risk of cancer) and the side effects of symptom managing drugs, send many people on a quest to find natural alternatives.


1. Manage your stress level. Stress by itself is damaging to the body, even without the added burden of menopause. Then, add the hormonal imbalances during peri-menopause, and situation will seem worse than it really is.

High levels of stress do affect the area of the brain responsible for memory, the hippocampus. The energy providers of your body, mitochondria can be damaged                                                        by stress. Your immune system is also compromised, by                                                    stress. Feeling stressed and out of control during this                                                          time of your life can effect your self-confidence and                                                            cause depression.

Take time for your self. Get a massage, exercise, use a Alpha-Stim device or just simply get away from the situation before your life spins out of control.

2. Essential Oils. Although with thousands of years of usage, science is just now beginning to catch up and prove that essential oils work in clinical studies. Some women experience a decline in sex drive while others can not seem to get enough. Some want to sleep all the time and others cannot sleep. Essential oils appear to know what your body needs and works on those issues. 

Clary Sage is most recommended for hot flashes, sweating, sleeping.
Rose is great for sex drive, hormones, depression and skin health.
Geranium balances hormones, relieves stress and soothes depression.
Peppermint is great for hot flushes, sweating, headaches, and fatigue.

Essential oils go a long way.

Put small amount of carrier oil (example: fractionated coconut) in your palm and add one drop of your preferred oil. Then with your finger stir in a clockwise direction to mix and apply to bottom of feet, behind the neck or wrist. Rub hands together take advantage of the oil left in your palm and inhale. Inhaling Essential Oils directly effects the hippocampus in a positive way. Also you can apply your favorites to a handful of Epson salts and/or powdered milk for the most relaxing bath ever. Using a carrier such as oil or Epson salts (Epsom salts act as an emulsifier to distribute the essential oils in water) keeps the oils from evaporating from skin or floating on the top of the bath.


3. Supplements: High quality supplements are a very important part of keeping symptoms at bay. We recommend the following:

Menopause Vitex 40  a perfect mix of herbs for menopause help.

Gland Rejuvenator (Health and Herbs) helps glands that deal with sleep, emotions, estrogen production, testosterone and progesterone production.

Black cohosh (80 mg 1-2x daily). First used by American Indians and seems to have an effect similar to Estrogen in some people.


4. Diet changes: Avoid your hot flash trigger foods: spicy food, alcohol and caffeine. Bone soup helps you sleep better and is great to prevent osteoporosis and increase bone mass. 

As your metabolism slows it is also beneficial to eat less processed food & sugar and have more raw vegetables & fruits. Soy based foods have isoflavones that act like a mild estrogen in the body.  Add teas to your diet such as: passionflower hops, chamomile teas.  Drink plenty of water to replenish what you have sweated out. Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water.

Suffering with menopause is not funny, but you can keep your humor if you take control of your health and get those annoying symptoms to go away without nasty side effects.

So put on your lipstick, roll back your shoulders, inhale deep, exhale slowly, hold your head up high and know that each day will get better. Smile knowing that as you treat you menopause symptoms naturally your body will love you. It will balance itself out and you will enter the best phase of your life. 

If you have any questions about therapeutic suggestions offered here please call. Deborah Stauss, ND, at New Life Spa, Wellness Center. 



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