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Natural Healing Alternative

Natural Healing Alternative

"Natural Healing Occurs When Body, Mind, and Spirit are in Balance"

Are you seeking healing for your body? You are not alone.

Quite frankly, most Americans are sick and do not pay attention to what their bodies are telling them. They continue to live with pain and suffering, trying drug after drug to find relief not knowing the answer is right in front of them. 

However, there is a small number of courageous  people willing to stop this
never ending pharmaceutical roller coaster and get to the root cause of their illnesses. 

It is no secret that the big drug companies and insurance firms often drive prescriptions and treatments with their motives being to make money, not to cure you. Alternative therapies seek to heal the root cause of pain and suffering. 

When you finally realize that you have the responsibility and power to heal yourself, you might also be at a loss for information.  

At New Life Spa, your are in charge of your health and can get the information and treatment to help your body heal naturally. 

For example:

You can get a truly impressive array of extra, natural  treatment alternatives, all designed to give you the health, convenience and security you deserve. 

  1. Infrared Sauna cuddles your body with infrared light waves, inviting the core temperature to rise resulting in a deep, detoxifying sweat at the cellular level, where toxins reside and healing begins. You can lose weight, clear skin, relieve pain, lower blood pressure and relax.
  2. Alpha-Stem is clinically proven electro-medical device that relieves pain, anxiety, depression and promotes better sleep. 
  3. Chi-Machine gently distributes a complete internal body massage, cellular oxygenation via passive aerobic exercise, improved circulation, gentle spinal alignment (used by countless chiropractors), lymph drainage (proven clinical trials), pain release, detoxification.
  4. PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field)  wraps your body in a  pulsed healing energy field that removes negative ions and opens cell channels which improves the healing ability of each cell and every cell in your body. Energy and sleep quality is increased. Blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and immune system is balanced. It is amazing that RNA and DNA is stimulated and bone and soft tissue is repaired.
  5. T.E.N.S Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation helps you break the cycle of pain by sending stimulating pulses across the surface of the skin and along the nerve strands. Your body will be stimulated to produce higher levels of is own natural natural pain killers
  6. Cold Laser Treatment works because the cell exposed to the photon energy provides relief and healing. Levels of serotonin increase, tissue repair begins to heal and pain is alleviated.   
  7. Essential Oils softly enter your system and begin healing at the cellular level. They have been used for thousands of yeas because they work for many medicinal and health purposes. Essential oils of  Frankincense and Myrrh were given as presents to baby Jesus, by wise men. Essential oils can a used as natural medicine with no side effects. New Life Spa can create a blend specifically for your condition. Inhaled or applied on the skin, essential oils can be used to treat for infections, stress, and other health problems.
  8. Therapeutic Massage is just more than relaxing me-time. Studies continue to prove the healing benefits of even just one therapy session. Although the physical benefits include: reduced anxiety, improved concentration, reduced fatigue, and increased circulation, the bodywork also balances emotional memory and releases pain and suffering. Combined with essential oils massages the maximum healing power begins.

    New Life Spa offer a range of massages adapted to your healing needs:

                           ~  Foot massage
                           ~  Chair massage
                           ~  Hot stone massage                                                        ~  Deep tissue massage                                                      ~  
    Plantar Fasciitis Massage and Laser                                    ~  Rain Drop Therapy Massage 

    First written by the “Father of Modern Medicine,” Hippocrates said that food was the main cure for all sicknesses. Making good decisions in this world of additives, pesticides and pollution can be hard to do. What you put in and on your body can drastically shape your internal constitution to be healthy or not.

    New Life Spa offers a health consultations to meet your needs:
    Detoxing Regimen
    Anti-inflammatory Consultations
    Anti Cancer Consultations
    Candida Consultations

    New Life Spa is a unique Spa that provides therapeutic equipment and services for your health and healing. We are here to help you regain your health, manage pain, relieve stress, detox, and increase your immune system health. Our goal is to Help you find that place of Balance between the Spiritual, Physical & Mental so that your body will have the greatest chance to heal itself as God designed it to do.

    With a focus on: Pain Management * Detoxification * Stress Management * Passive Fitness * Improved Immune System * Improved Overall Health * Cancer Nutrition Counseling




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