Beauty COMPLETE Skin Care Package

Beauty COMPLETE Skin Care Package

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New Life Spa has created a wonderful Natural Skin Care package for the face. 

The reviews have been great on this new product and customers have stated the following:

  • "It feels like there is nothing on my skin. I can't believe how wonderful it is."
  • "It has actually made my wrinkles almost disappear. They are so much less noticable"
  • "I love that it has lightened my age spots on both my face and neck."
  • "I no longer wear cream foundation but use a light dusting of mineral powder and I have been getting great complements on my skin. Everyone wants to know what I am doing to make my face look so great"
  • "I couldn't believe my face did not break out when I changed to this product. I am actually putting oil on my face and it is not "oily."

This COMPLETE Skin Care Set is packed full of wonderful ingredients that not only make your skin look and fees great but also...

  • helps clear and prevent acne
  • has anti-aging properties
  • has anti-bacterial properties
  • helps to remove toxins from your pores
  • allows skin to heal
  • reduces inflammation
  • helps lighten acne marks and skin discolorations
  • unclogs and shrinks pores
  • makes skin softer
  • gives a definite glow to your face
  • safe for all skin typer
  • helps regenerate skin tissue
  • full of antioxidients
  • exfoliates dead skin cells
  • adds needed oils back to the face without causing breakouts

AND EVEN AFTER ALL THAT IT LEAVES YOUR FACE WITH A GLOW YOU NEVER IMAGINED ! Just wait until all your friends start complementing you on your skin. You will want to share the news.

Scented with a blend of essential oils that are great for both young and aging skin.

    Comes in the following refreshing scents:

    • CLEAN (lemongrass/lavender overtones)
    • OCEAN (relaxing ocean breeze)
    • SPRING (floral overtones)
    • FRESH (refreshing mountain scents)
    • SUMMER (orange mocha overtones)


    • TONER
    • DETOXIFYING MASK (not in photo)
    Please see individual listings for more information on each separate product and their ingredients.