HEART HEALTH essential oil blend (100% pure) - 5ml

HEART HEALTH essential oil blend (100% pure) - 5ml

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  • HEART HEALTH (100% pure) Essential Oil blend
  • 5ml

This special blend includes essential oils that are good for Heart Health.

Ingredients: 100% pure essential oils of myrrh, lemongrass, spruce, juniper berry, lemon, ylang ylang, petitgrain bigardem, orange, roman chamomile, and melissa in a base of fractionated coconut oil.

MYRRH - powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory

LEMONGRASS - anti-inflammatory, dilates blood vessels, improves circulation

SPRUCE - anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, stimulating to the circulation and rejuvenating the respiratory system

JUNIPER BERRY - detoxifying, purifying, increases circulation through the kidneys and promotes excretion of toxins.

LEMON - improves microcirculation, relaxation, relieves hypertension

YLANG YLANG - aids in cardiac arrhythmia, cardiac problems, anxiety, hypertension and depression.

PETITGRAIN BIGARDEM - provides relief from depression, anxiety and stress, aids in treating abnormal palpitations, hypertension and insomnia.

ORANGE - relaxant, anticoagulant, circulatory stimulant, helps prevent arteriosclerosis, relieve hypertension, insomnia and reduce fluid retention.

ROMAN CHAMOMILE - antispasmodic, relaxant, relieves restlessness, depression and insomnia.

MALISSA - reduces swelling (anti-inflammatory), relaxes (relaxant), lowers blood pressure (hypotensive), antioxidanat (anti-oxidative) 

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